Agriculture is in our blood

Today's agricultural community faces unique challenges. Rapid technological changes and societal pressure have made farming a complex and sometimes controversial lifestyle. We understand these unique challenges and honor those who choose to live their life on the land.

In addition to the services offered in other areas of law, we provide specialized services to our farming and ranching community. Our mobile practice allows you to choose the best time and place to see us and complete your legal work.

Do I have the right business plan for my needs?

Above all things farming is a business. We can help you select and set up the best business entity for your farm or ranch. We can also review your current business plan and help you improve your current business model. 

How can I ensure the right person succeeds me in my business?

Farming and ranching remain one of the few family businesses in the world. Chances are that if you farm or raise livestock, someone else in your close family has or will in the future. We will help you make sure that YOU choose who continues on your farming or ranching legacy and not a stranger. 

Let us help you plan your farm's future

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