What is a National Firearms Act (NFA) Gun Trust?

A NFA Gun Trust is a Revocable Living Trust that deals with the unique issues of owning, transferring, and possessing Title II firearms. 

What are Title II firearms?

Title II (National Firearms Act) restricts the following  weapons/accessories from unlicensed individual ownership, possession, sale, or transfer:

  1. Silencers 
  2. Short Barrel Rifles 
  3. Short Barrel Shotguns
  4. Machine Guns
  5. Other "destructive" devices 

Why should I consider a gun trust?

A NFA Gun Trust is most useful if you collect or intend to collect Title II restricted firearms as they provide a mechanism for the trust's trustee (you and any qualified named person in the trust document) to purchase, transfer, and possess restricted firearms. 

A properly drafted NFA trust will also allow for easier sale and/or transfer of your firearms upon your death should your spouse or beneficiaries be uninterested or unable to deal with your firearm collection. In such an event a listed trustee would be able to administer the trust, possess the firearms, sell them legally, or transfer them to your intended beneficiary.   

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