Why do I need a Pet Trust?

Are you a pet owner? Would you like to protect your furry family member in case of a tragedy? 

You can provide for your pets in almost the same way you can for your children in your estate plan. Florida law grants you the right to provide money and property in trust for your pets in case of disaster. A pet trust also allows you to designate a trusted person who will take care of your pets.  

What should I consider before drafting a Pet Trust?

When creating the trust you should consider primary and alternative guardians, the current health of your pet, day to day expenses, and plans for final disposition of your pets remains. These considerations are important because a pet trust requires enough resources in the trust to take care of the pet when the trust becomes active. 

I have more than one pet, can I provide a trust for all of them?

The trust may provide for multiple animals and will remain in effect until the last animal has passed away. 

I'm interested in protecting my pets!

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