Why do I need a power of attorney?

Everyone should have a power of attorney to make sure their medical and financial wishes are carried out if they are injured or ill and cannot make their own decisions.   

What is a medical power of attorney?

A medical power of attorney gives you the power to decide what will happen to you in the case of a serious medical emergency and selects trusted individuals, called agents, whom you believe will carry out your care directives. You can grant your agent as little or as much power to act on your behalf as you choose. You may also give directions to your agent regarding organ and tissue donation. 

What is a financial power of attorney?

A financial power of attorney allows you to choose an agent to manage your finances and property while you are unable to do so. You control whether the agent has limited or broad discretionary authority in carrying out your directives and you can limit when the agent is allowed to take control of your assets.