I'm still young, why would I need estate planning?

Estate planning is critical for anyone who is ready to retire to protect the assets accumulated over their lifetime. However, estate planning isn't just for retirees. In your early adulthood, it is likely that you may not have many assets, but you may have young children or pets. Having a Will allows you to nominate a guardian for your children and create trusts to provide for their well being and educational needs. Your Will also allows you to create a pet trust to appoint a guardian for your pets and provide financial support for their welfare.

An estate plan is not only valuable for your family but also for your business. If you are a small business owner, estate planning will allow you to choose who succeeds you or provide instructions on how to dispose of the business's assets. 

An estate plan is not a once in a lifetime document. As your personal life changes, we can sit down again and review your situation and make adjustments to your estate plan. As part of your new plan we can work with your financial advisor to suggest new investment strategies to keep you on track for the future.  

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